It is inevitable that we all endure periods of difficulty at some point in our lives. It is very common for people to seek out individual therapy for help with stressful life transitions, relationships struggles, or dealing with significant loses.


Common struggles that are addressed in individual therapy include: grief and loss, self-esteem, depression, anxiety and stress, infertility or miscarriage, life transitions, personal development, working on relationships


When we find ourselves in the midst of the storms of life, it becomes extremely difficult to see where the strength to overcome our challenges lies. Let's chat about how I can help you find your strength. 




Couples therapy offers the chance to understand how your relationship has come to be what it is,  and to cultivate the change that is needed to transform your relationship into what you desire it to be. I have worked with numerous couples that come in for counseling, expressing a myriad of problems in their relationship, including the following:

Premarital fears, parenting together, major life transitions (new parents, empty nest, job loss, etc.), healing from infidelity, managing conflict and improving communication, feeling disconnected from your partner

Couples therapy is a worthwhile investment into the future you want to have with your partner. We often become stuck in challenging patterns and ways of relating to our partners. I seek to help you become un-stuck and make the changes, and sometime difficult decisions, in order to move you forward in your relationship and find peace again. If you are ready to take this step in your relationship, I am ready to help.




As a family grows and changes, many challenges can occur. While these growing pains are a necessary part of life, they can also cause great suffering and stress. I specialize in treating families struggling with grief and loss issues, parent-child relationship distress, sibling discord, and a multitude of childhood and adolescent crisis. I can also help provide a space to enhance your communication as a family and provide tools to manage life's difficulties.

I specialize in treating families struggling with multiple different issues including: grief and loss issues (divorce, empty nest, death of a family member, etc), parent-child relationship distress, adolescent and teen behavioral struggles, communication difficulties, and crisis management

Each member of your family is important and I guide family therapy under that very belief. Contact me today to discuss how I can help. 





Parenting Workshop for Couples:

Come connect with other parents while learning tools and skills to enhance the relationships in your family! This workshop is for parents of children between the ages of 2 and 7 years old who are looking for some support and new parenting skills to deal with the multitude of challenges we go through as our children grow and become more independent. This workshop also focuses on co-parenting with your partner and making sure you stay connected throughout the process of raising your family. Tools from both Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy will be shared and explored.





I am a BBS (California Board of Behavioral Sciences) approved supervisor and I am in the process of completing my hours to fulfill the requirements to become an AAMFT approved supervisor. 

I offer individual and group supervision on a contract basis for MFT associates and trainees.

I offer professional consultation to others in the field of psychotherapy who are seeking peer support.


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