"Maybe it won't work out... but maybe seeing if it does will be the greatest adventure."


You find yourself disappointed again after a night of lengthy discussions on how to make things better between you and your partner… 

OR that disappointment hits after another date that felt disconnected and meaningless. 


Wether you have been married for 10 years, dating for 5, or in and out of single-hood, relationships are HARD. Balancing your own needs and the needs of your relationship is a never ending task and can prove difficult to even the most secure and stable couples and individuals. 


A relationship does not need to be on the edge of extinction for it to be painful and complicated. In fact it is more concerning when a couple tells me that they never have complications or pain in their relationship! Pain is part of love and in our relationships it is inevitable. This is a complicated concept and is often the cause for much distress in our relationships.



Relationships take work and therapy can help… here’s how:

  • Exploring and understanding who you are as an individual in relationships so you can create healthy connections
  • Defining intimacy and passion so you can create your version of these in your relationships
  • Healing past wounds so you can move forward in your relationships without the anchors of past heartaches
  • Learning to communicate in a way that both sends and receives love 
  • Identifying fears and insecurities that fuel disconnection so you can feel safe and grounded in your relationships

If you feel lonely and afraid of love, or feel disconnected from your partner you love so deeply, lets talk about how I can help.

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