“There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one.”


All you want is a few days that pass where you feel like a confident and competent parent. Why is this so hard? Parenting is supposed to come naturally…or at least that’s what everyone tells you…or at least that’s what it looks like on facebook and instagram? With so much information and so many messages being thrown your way on what it looks like to be a good parent or how to raise a well rounded child, the confidence you so desperately seek can feel far out of reach most days. 


“My child isn’t potty trained yet…I’m a horrible parent.” 

“My child doesn’t share well…I failed as a parent.” 

“My child didn’t make the honor roll…what did I do wrong as a parent.” 

“My child doesn’t want to connect with me…it’s because I’m a bad parent.”

“Wow, look at the Smith’s vacation photos on facebook, they really have their shit together…” 


NO ONE has it all together. I PROMISE.


Parenting is HARD. And parenting SUCKS sometimes. It is a constant battle between your head and your heart. Becoming a parent not only grows your heart to 1000 times it’s original size it brings out flaws you never even knew existed in you. These flaws come with some pretty crappy things attached to them…shameguiltremorse


These emotions are there because parenting matters to you more than anything ever has. You want more than anything to be present and connected to your kids always. But the reality is, you are human, and you make mistakes…probably daily. AND THAT IS OK. THAT is part of being a parent. 


Parenting is exhausting and it’s messy, you need people who get it and people who understand the messiness that is now your life. Whether you are struggling with transitioning to parenthood, the birth of a new child, co-parenting together, family conflicts, a family history of chaos, or dealing with children that have their own behavioral or emotional struggles, therapy can help. 


Therapy is designed to provide you with resources and support you need to thrive as a parent. When you thrive, your children thrive. Seeking therapy for parenting struggles DOES NOT mean you are a bad parent. It means that you are strong enough to ask for help in what is without a doubt the most challenging role you will ever take on. 



Here are some things that therapy can help with:

- Increasing your capacity to deal with stress, anxiety and challenging events

- Addressing feelings of guilt and shame so they are no longer anchors holding you back 

- Increasing your confidence as a parent so you know that YOU ARE ENOUGH for your kids

- Confronting relational and co-parenting struggles so you can feel like a team

- Regaining connection with your partner so you can prioritize your relationship and be better parents by doing so 




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