"Fall apart. Start again. Fall apart. Start again... with or without, you are valuable, you are whole, you matter."

You have hopes and dreams about how your life will transpire… maybe it's college, or trade school, marriage or a partnership, a career you're passionate about, and for some, a family. When these hopes and dreams become realities they are often the most joy filled moments of your life.

But when these hopes and dreams are broken or challenged it can feel impossible to overcome.


As someone who has coped with infertility personally, I know the physical, emotional and financial impact it can have both on you as an individual and on your relationships. It can be incredibly overwhelming to feel all these different emotions in the midst of trying to make informed and educated decisions about your future.  

Trying, anticipating, waiting... and then disappointment… rinse and repeat.

THIS process, THIS cycle, over and over again leading to more and more disappointment.

Only to be told, keep trying, and KEEP facing disappointment for at least a year before you can do anything about it. All leaving you to question ... "How can anyone make sense of this?!" "How has NO ONE told me how HARD this process would be?! "How am I supposed to keep doing this and keep feeling this over and over again?"



A clinical diagnosis of infertility is defined as...

"trying to conceive over a 12 month period without success."


Having worked with couples who have survived that one-year, (and well beyond) who are struggling to put the pieces together and cope with even more waiting periods and potential disappointments, I want you to know this: I get it. I see you. And you're not alone.




If you're struggling with infertility issues, you might be feeling or experiencing the following:

• Grief and Loss

• Depression

• Sadness or Anger

• Guilt or Shame

• Confusion

• Anxiety

• Relationship challenges


This journey does not need to define you, and it is my goal to help make sure that does not happen + that you feel supported. I am here to help you work through everything you are feeling and find ways of navigating through it all. 



Here are some things therapy can help with during this time:

- Coping with waiting periods so that you feel less alone in the process.

- Coping with disappointment so that the pain is not your only memory of this experience.

- Addressing fears and anxieties about the future so that you're able to stay present through out the process.

- Rewriting and redefining your hopes and dreams so you can grief effectively and still celebrate the future.

- Renewing your relationship in the midst of major challenges, so that you feel connection, intimacy + support from the ones you love most.



Having the right support system when navigating this process is the most important part of surviving it.

I want you to know that you're not alone + your experience is exactly why I am here. 

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