“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”


You’re struggling to fall asleep yet again, unable to shut your brain off. Restless…wondering about the unanswered text you sent this morning or the meeting that ended abruptly at work. Are they mad? Did you do something wrong? 

You wake up tired and start your day attempting to function though you're utterly exhausted. The still unanswered text now becoming a critical voice inside that says, “they’re probably ignoring you on purpose,” or “you messed that up big time, ” or every other negative scenario you can create in your mind.  

You continue your day incredibly aware of everything and everyone around you. Worrying, doubting, panicking, CARING. Caring too much. Aiming for perfection…beating yourself up when you fail at that perfection. Becoming paralyzed by fear which causes you to avoid or ignore things so that you can’t fail.


And then the voice returns.. “you should feel terrible right now,” “what were you thinking,” “you really screwed up.”

Sweaty palms, rapid breathing, tight chest, tension everywhere.


Anxiety sucks.

Anxiety tears down every part of who you know you are and makes you doubt everything you know is true.

Anxiety ruins your day before it even begins.

Anxiety ruins your relationships before they even become relationships.

Anxiety ruins your hopes and dreams before they even have a chance to develop. 


DID YOU KNOW THAT ANXIETY HAPPENS BECAUSE YOU CARE? You care about what other people think and feel. You care about how they see you. You care when people are hurting, and you never want to be the cause of that hurt. You care about doing things right. You care about succeeding. You care about being accepted and being loved. 


DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE STRONGER THAN ANXIETY? You have the ability in you to fight this battle that feels endless. Sometimes you just need a perspective shift to see that anxiety can actually benefit you. Anxiety can be an asset, you just have to figure out how to make that happen. And that’s where I come in


DID YOU KNOW THERAPY CAN HELP? I work with people who struggle with anxiety everyday and through therapy have found ways to not only manage their anxiety and stress but to use it in a way that creates a truly epic way of living. 



Here are some ways therapy can help:

Learning self care strategies so you can turn some of that love + compassion towards yourself 

Relaxation so you feel less overwhelmed and exhausted

Grounding so you can slow down + reconnect with what matters to you

Letting go of perfectionism so you can stop comparing + start having healthy expectations for yourself


Anxiety is a battle you face everyday, but you don’t have to face it alone. 

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