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Whether you are struggling as a couple to create or preserve your relationship, facing challenges in creating a family together, or finding barriers to raising and parenting your children, I can help. 

Perhaps you are in the midst of intense struggle, or facing one of life’s many transitions, and are in need of support and guidance. Whatever it is that brought you here, I am grateful that you are considering making this investment in yourself and your family. 

Encountering change can be difficult. Life does not always lead us where we imagined and it can hand us moments that we feel we cannot survive. As a marriage and family therapist I believe that change is constant and inevitable. We each have an inherent drive that pushes us towards completeness and contentment. This drive pulls us in the direction of the individual we strive to be and towards a life that fulfills us. Experiences of pain, loss, abuse, or fear, take us away from this drive and often detour us from our path to wholeness. My hope is that I can be a guide in your healing process and help you become who you want to be and live a life that fulfills you.

My style of therapy involves supporting my clients through making meaning of the events in their lives. I integrate attachment, compassion, cognitive tools, and multi-layered reflection. My focus is always on providing you a safe and respectful environment in which you can grow.  

My goal is not to save you from your pain or distress, but to walk alongside you as you learn to save yourself. 

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